When you have a wife as beautiful (and as Chinese) as mine, you can't help but write poems about her. Most of them are in the haiku format, because I've found that it's more beautiful to express my love in 17 syllables.

Lili My Lily

An ode to her beauty.

She is my lily.

My flower in the sunshine.

I pick her daily.

Queen of the Kitchen & My Heart

I wrote this one when I was hungry!

You are my dumpling.

The chicken to my noodle.

Your cooking is amazing.

She's Packed with C4

It's not about what you think it's about, you pervert.

Cougar of my dreams.

Her love so sweet makes me scream.

You made me a man.


I wrote this one off the cuff in a bar with Lili next to me.

Beautiful she is.

Her grace goes unmatched by all.

Her name is Lili.

Let's Fly, Girl

A little love note from your fly boy.

Just passed my oral.

Hey Lili where should we go?

Let's go to the moon.